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2021 Electronics Intelligent Manufacturing Testing Technology (X-ray and AOI) Summit Forum was Successfully Concluded

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On June 26, "2021 Electronics Intelligent Manufacturing Testing Technology Summit Forum" was successfully held in Wuxi Unicomp Technology Co., Ltd.

The forum was held by SMT Committee of Jiangsu Institute of Electronics, organized by Unicomp Technology which is the X-ray manufacturer and co-organized by Aleader which is AOI manufacturer. With the support of China Electronic Special Equipment Industry Association and Wuxi National High-tech Industry Development Zone Management Committee, the company has gathered hundreds of electronic industry scholars and elites from all over the country with the theme of "highlighting intelligent detection insight". Focusing on the hottest field of electronic manufacturing defect detection, jointly discussed many industry hot topics such as intelligent detection, defect control, cutting-edge innovation and so on.

Although it was cloudy and rainy, that didn’t affect the participants’ enthusiasm for the academic discussion. 

Mr. Xuan Darong, the Honorary President of SMT Special Committee, addressed the conference at first. He expressed that the SMT Special Committee will always be firm in serving the enterprises in the industry and determined to help the electronics manufacturing industry to grow bigger and stronger in spite of different situations and difficulties. 

Dr. Liu Jun the founder of Unicomp Technology and Mr. Wang Jinfeng the founder of Aleader, technical experts in X-Ray and AOI inspection industry, respectively brought wonderful speeches on the development and frontier trend of X-Ray and AOI detection technology for the audience. 

Dr. Liu Jun, Chairman of Unicomp Technology

Mr. Wang Jinfeng, Chairman of Aleader

At the same time, Dr. Tang Tang from Dresden University of Technology, delivered an academic speech on the topic of "Intelligent Detection in the Age of Artificial Intelligence".

Dr. Tang Tang from Dresden University of Technology

Professor Wu Yiping from Huazhong University of Science and Technology introduced the topic of how to use advanced packaging technology to deal with defect detection through the theme of "Minimal Pad Ararray and Maximum Solid-crystal Solder Joint Defect Control".


Professor Wu Yiping from Huazhong University of Science and Technology

After that, the four experts frequently interacted with the audience through a round-table exchange, and jointly discussed the pain points and solutions of the electronic intelligent manufacturing detection technology in the industry, which pushed the enthusiastic atmosphere to a climax.

Meanwhile, representatives from Gude Electronics, Antaizhi and other enterprises came to the stage one after another to share their experience in the practical application process of X-ray, AOI and other testing equipment through vivid cases.

In the end, technical experts from Unicomp Technology made in-depth analysis and explanation on the common problems in the X-ray detection process which the audience is most concerned about.

In another branch venue, with the forum held at the same time of the first "Unicomp Cup" X-Ray detection skills competition also carried out in new style, dozens of players after intense PK, the final competition out of the first, second, the third prize, they with their own excellent detection skills for individuals and enterprises to win glory and add luster!

2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the organizer  was carefully organized a hundred people's chorus, all guests in the grand musics, waving the national flag, passionately singing to express their feelings for the motherland.

Talking about the experience of the activity, the participants after the meeting said that the forum was tightly paced and interlinked, and the technical exchange topics were also full of valued content. Meanwhile, they hope that the organizers and representatives of the testing industry can continue to provide such influential and meaningful academic exchanges and seminars for the majority of electronic industry personnel.

As a provider of intelligent X-ray detection solutions, Unicomp Technology shoulders the mission of "Invisible Champion of the Industry". By organizing this forum, Unicomp will continue to give play to the powerful technical force of X-Ray detection for the electronic intelligent manufacturing industry, and continue to promote the development of the electronic industry detection field.


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