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Adhere to innovation and originality - Unicomp Technology 3D CT Inline X-ray won the "China SMT Innovation Achievement Award"

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2021 China · South China SMT Academic and Applied Technology Seminar and China SMT Innovation Achievement Award Ceremony was held in Shenzhen on December 10. In order to build a good communication platform for SMT enterprises in South China and create opportunities for technical exchange, the SMT Academic and Application Technology annual meeting in South China is held every December by the SMT Special Committee of Guangdong Electronics Society. This annual meeting invited industry experts to explain the innovation direction of intelligent manufacturing SMT technology and SiP packaging, from PCBA to micro assembly, to solve the hot issues of high-density, thin and miniaturization of electronic products, especially mobile terminal electronic products in recent years.

The annual meeting attracted more than 500 participants from SMT industry. As a leading company in the SMT industry, Unicomp Technology and SMT industry elites and member representatives in South China gathered together to discuss the future development and application of SMT technology, and share the latest technology and products in the SMT industry.

At the China SMT Innovation Award ceremony, The 3D online X-ray automatic detection equipment LX9200 developed by Unicomp was awarded the "2021 China SMT Innovation Achievement Award" by relying on major technological innovation points and unanimous evaluation of industry experts and scholars. This is the 12th consecutive year that Unicomp has won this award.

Unicomp electronics / semicon X-Ray inspection systems are widely used for the detection of IC, semiconductor, packaging components, IGBT; PCBA solder joint, LED, lithium battery, electronic connector; Solar energy, photovoltaic (silicon wafer welding spot), etc. It has the advantages of high magnification, multi-function platform, automatic calculation and so on.

Following are some factory pictures:

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