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CIBF 2021 -- How Unicomp X-ray System Help Lithium Battery to Assure Safety and Quality

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The 14th China International Battery Fair(CIBF), which will focus on global power batteries, energy storage batteries, 3C batteries, various battery materials, manufacturing equipment, power and energy storage system solutions. CIBF 2021 will continue with the theme of "Power Batteries and Energy Storage Batteries", concentrate on the latest progress of power batteries, energy storage batteries and various materials. It is expected that over 1500 people and more than 50 countries and regions will attend the conference, Unicomp Technology, as the leading X-ray manufacturer will showcase 4 X-ray machines to demonstrate for Li-Ion battery cell quality control.

With the explosive growth of mobile Internet terminal products such as new energy vehicles and smart phones, which has driven the rapid development of the lithium battery industry, how to ensure the safety and reliability of lithium batteries has become a top priority for the lithium battery industry. As a leader in the X-ray smart inspection of the lithium battery industry, Unicomp Technology will take part in the exhibition to display two offline lithium battery system AX8200B and AX8800, one online lithium battery system LX-1R30-100. With the application of new technologies, the constant optimization of modular design, high detection speed of equipment, automatic sorting of high-quality & defective products, and the adoption of lithium-ion industrial cloud platform, Unicomp helps customers achieve real-time tracking and access of battery safety data to the site.

LX-1R30-100, an In-line Polymer Lithium Battery X-ray Detector, with auto-identification software, SPC software analysis, can ensure high quality of various sizes batteries. The machine is suitable for batch inspection with cam indexers controlling eight degrees turntable running in high speed and two sets of imaging system. The whole equipment safety interlock, triple protection function, any part of the fuselage surface radiation meet safety standards. 



How Unicomp Lithium Battery X-Ray work to inspect:

Unicomp has full range inline automation X-ray solutions for Cylindrical Lithium battery, Polymeric Lithium battery, laminated lithium battery and Power Cell Lithium battery.  It has more than 100 systems were installed in Tesla, Northvolt, Panasonic, Sony (Murata), A123, CATL, BYD, GuoXuan, Sunwoda, BAK, EVE Power and others well-known customers.

Unicomp honorable customers (partial) in Lithium Battery industry:

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