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China Food & Drinks Fair in Chengdu- Unicomp Food Foreign Objects Inspection X-ray Stimulates New Productivity

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The 110th China Food & Drinks Fair was held in Chengdu city, which is noted as “Land of Abundance”  from March 20 to 22. As one of the large-scale professional exhibitions in China's food industry with the longest history and the most extensive influence, the China Food & Drinks Fair has always been regarded as a "wind vane" to observe consumption. As a leading enterprise deeply engaged in the field of food & Beverage contamination X-ray Inspection for many years, Unicomp Technology unveiled its food quality control solutions at the 110th China Food & Drinks Fair to explore the future of the food industry with manufacturers.





At present, Unicomp Technology has listed a number of UNX series of food foreign matter detection X-ray machines, all series are made of SUS304 stainless steel food grade material, specially for different food foreign matter detection application scenarios to create customized online detection solutions, seamless docking MES system, can quickly and accurately detect food foreign matter, package defects, etc. It can also store the total number of daily products, qualified number, NG number, real-time feedback data analysis, accurately meet individual needs, customize a variety of automatic elimination structures, achieve food quality monitoring automatic, mass and unattended testing, improve quality inspection efficiency, monitoring data reliability and traceability, while greatly reducing testing costs.

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For X-ray images, the Unicomp adopts self-developed AI food foreign matter detection technology, and has a million-level sample database with characteristics such as model evaluation, data preprocessing, and supervised learning. By establishing different neural network models and simulating and training a large number of data, to realize high-precision and high-efficiency intelligent detection.


Checking out at to know more X-ray inspection for food & Beverage contamination quality control. 


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