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DPPPM-WC hopes to boost investments between Malaysia and China

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The Dewan Perniagaan Perindustrian Dan Pelaburan Malaysia- Wuxi China(DPPPM-WC) held a solemn official announcement and president Inauguration ceremony on April 30, 2024, at NQ Cultural Commercial Sdn Bhd, marking a significant milestone for the chamber. The event brought together individuals from various sectors of the business community and media representatives to witness the occasion.

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During the official appointment signing ceremony, signed by Dr. Mazlan Goh Bin Ahmad Goh, as chairman representing the Chamber’s Board of Directors and Dr. Liu Jun, the appointment certificate issued to Dr. Liu Jun by then, officially appointed him as the President of the DPPPM-WC. This significant appointment signifies a new phase of development for the Chamber.


As the dual-core top leaders and co-founders of the Chamber, Dr. Mazlan Goh and Dr. Liu Jun will play crucial roles. Dr. Mazlan Goh will focus on connecting the Chamber with key contacts within the Malaysian government, establishing and maintaining formal contacts between the Chamber and various Malaysian government departments, as well as coordinating other public affairs of the Chamber. Dr. Liu Jun, leveraging his outstanding achievements and rich experience in the business field, will serve as the main liaison between the Chamber and various levels of the Chinese government, establishing and maintaining a strong network of government relations, representing the Chamber in meetings with Chinese government officials, discussing cooperation projects, and exploring new cooperation opportunities.


Newly appointed DPPPM-wc president Dr liu jun sees the 50th anniversary of Malaysia-China diplomatic relations as an opportune moment to invite Chinese investors in wuxi who are keen on expanding beyond China,especially into Southeast Asia (SEA). 'We (Chinese entrepreneurs) want to expand our business alobally. After extensive research, our business owners overwhelmingly favour Malaysia for several compelling reasons.

'Malavsia offers an international environment where we can still communicate in our native language with most Malaysians. Additionally, the country boasts a stable political climate and facilitates ease of doing business as we find there is a strong supply chain that can help us grow our businesses quickly," He said this to reporters after the official presidential inauguration ceremony here today .


In addition, Dr. Liu Jun is the founder and chairman of the Chinese listed company, Unicomp Technology. On April 25, the opening ceremony of the first overseas production base of Unicomp Technology, which is Ray Tech (Malaysia), was held in Johor, Malaysia. This marks the official production commencement of the first overseas production base of Unicomp Technology, successfully expanding the company into the international market.



He noted that in Wuxi, 30 per cent of over 2,000 members of various business organisations which he chairs have expressed their intention to expand their businesses overseas, primarily in SEA " hope DPPPM-Wc will serve as the best platform to promote and contribute to greater friendship exchanges and cooperation between China and Malaysia in various fields such as technology, economy, trade, culture, education, sports and youth, said Dr liu, who is also a pioneer in x-ray physics technology in China's high technology sector.

Moving forward, he said the chamber is preparing various activities for entrepreneurs on both sides, which includes getting Malaysian businesses to visit wuxi, a city in southern Jiangsu province, which is about an hour's drive from shanghai.


The successful holding of the Dewan Perniagaan Perindustrian Dan Pelaburan Malaysia-Wuxi China official announcement and president Inauguration ceremony not only signifies a new stage of development for the chamber but also injects new vitality and momentum into the friendly cooperation between China and Malaysia.


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