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Dr.Liu Jun,the Chairman of Unicomp Technology, being appointed as the graduated tutor of Southeast University

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Recently,the Southeast University published a list of external tutors for graduate students of professional degree in 2022. Dr.Liu Jun,the chairman of Unicomp Technology, was appointed as the external graduated tutor of Instrument Science and Engineering in Southeast University.

Dr.Liu Jun,the founder and chairman of Unicomp and associate professor of physics, has led Unicomp’s basic R&D team for 20 years, focusing on the research of electric vacuum physics and making many new breakthroughs in X-ray physics technology and industrial application.

In recent years, Dr. Liu Jun has been invited as a visiting professor and postgraduate tutor by five universities in China. He got personal invention patent 22 pieces,10 dissertations, special-class science and technology awards of the China general chamber of commerce,China electronic institute of science and technology prize, second prize of science and technology of China instrument association,"2020 China E&Y entrepreneur award",etc.Dr.Liu Jun is the national "ten thousand project" of talents,science and technology "double gen talent","talent" in Taihu lake. He led Unicomp to win the honors of "Little Giant" enterprise,"Industry Invisible Champion" and "Top 100 Chinese Hard Technology Enterprise" in 2021,as recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The discipline of the school Instrument Science and Engineering of Southeast University was established in 1960 and began to enroll graduate students in 1961.It is one of the traditional advantageous disciplines of Southeast University.

In 1981 and 1984,The State Council Academic Degrees Committee approved the establishment of "precision instruments and machinery" and "measurement technology and instruments" two master degree awarding points.

In 1990,it was approved to set up a doctor's degree authorization point of "precision instruments and Machinery".

In May 1992,the Department of Instrument Science and Engineering was separated from the Department of Automatic Control in order to meet the needs of the discipline development.In September 2006, the School of Instrument Science and Engineering was established.

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