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IPC APEX EXPO 2021 is the place to be – wherever you are.

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Given continued restrictions in the state of California for large gatherings and events, the rise in COVID-19 infection rates and restricted company travel policies, IPC’s executive leadership and Board of Directors made the decision to cancel the APEX EXPO as an in-person event and move to a virtual event.

Although the setting will be unique, we are committed to providing you with the cutting-edge content you have come to expect from APEX EXPO. The event’s digital platform will allow you to easily navigate more than 100 technical conference sessions and application-focused professional development courses as well as view product demonstrations, schedule one-on-one meetings with exhibitors and experience other offerings within the online exhibition.

Unicomp Technology, as a leader of intelligent X-ray technology developing and manufacturer,  sincerely wish the IPC Virtual exhibition a complete success。Welcome your email contact at due to the inability to communicate face-to-face and brief on the latest progress of Unicomp Technology’s cutting-edge  X-ray technology with AI algorithm and its fully automation. We are looking forward to the thoroughly elimination of the impact of COVID-19 as soon as possible and a meeting with you all in-person.


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