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Meeting with Unicomp NDT X-ray Metrology at Control 2022 for Quality Assurance

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The Control international trade fair for quality assurance, which will be held at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre from 3rd to 6th May 2022, provides suppliers and users with a globally recognized technical event which is focused strictly on relevant issues. The trade fair explores all pertinent aspects in theory and offers a highly practical presentation of current worldwide offerings for useful technologies, processes, products and system solutions in the field of industrial quality assurance. And thus manufacturers and exhibitors of QA equipment represented at Control make it possible for manufacturing companies and their suppliers to hone their competitive edge. Unicomp Technology, as the quality control expert in industrial industry, will showcase NDT X ray inspection equipment at booth Hall 4-4409.


With the continuous expansion and deepening of the demand for industrial testing, various industries have higher and higher requirements for product quality testing facilities and technologies. How to improve testing methods and perfect testing equipment is the focus of testing practitioners. With an independent R&D team and more than ten years NDT research experience, Unicomp Technology becomes a well-known national high-tech enterprise, specialized in the research, development, production and sales of industrial X-ray testing equipment. Unicomp NDT X-Ray systems are widely used for casting parts, foundry, wheels, tires, pressure vessels, pipelines and the automotive industrial like BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and other Chinese domestic brands automotive parts.


Unicomp as the leader in the Intelligent NDT X-Ray detection equipment, there're a total of over 1200+ sets NDT X-ray systems are sold to China, USA, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Germany, England, Finland , Ireland, France, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Australia, Russia, Israel, Turkey, North Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Philippine, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and in total of 35 countries and regions.


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