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Productronica 2021 Messe Munchen - Most Popular Trade Fair for SMT and PCBA Electronics Assembly

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Productronica 2021 is an innovative, unrivaled, and international event. This is one of its kind of events that showcase the entire value chain in the production industry of electronic goods – from technology and components to software and services, including supply chain, Stencil Screen Printer, Pick & Placer, SPI, Reflow over, X-Ray inspection, BGA repair and maintenance. As an international trade fair, Productronica Munich 2021 covers the entire range of present and futuristic products, technologies, and system solutions.

As a result, Productronica 2021 Messe Munchen is the industry’s largest and most celebrated gathering of industry leaders and professionals. From PCB and other circuit-carrier manufacturing and soldering technology to cable processing and component-mount technologies, measuring, and PCBA soldering inspection technologies and quality assurance, Productronica 2021 Munich trade show covers everything.

Unicomp Technology is a leading equipment manufacturer for electronics industry in China, Unicomp started business with designing and producing stencil cleaner for PCB, opened business on X-Ray trading at the same time and started to design its own X-Ray machine in 2009. Unicomp has now developed into a domestic enterprise with more perfect X-ray testing technology and complete testing equipment. And it has won the “Industry Invisible Champion”, “China's top 100 Hard Technology Enterprises” and other honors or titles.

With Planar 3D CT Inspection function , LX9200 is an inline automatic inspection machine. It adopts layering technique, the solder joints on both sides of PCB can be imaged independently. With 11 axes linkage system, multiple resolution selected, LX9200 can display 360° circular CT image.

AX8200MAX , an offline X-ray inspection machine with large loading platform, is designed to provide high resolution imaging for the electronic industry. The imager can detect a 60-degree rotation tilt in one direction without loss of magnification. It is used to check the inner situation of SMT BGA, CSP, Flip-Chip, IC semiconductor components, connectors, wire, photovoltaic modules, batteries, ceramic products, and other electronic products, it can be also applied for electronics components counterfeit inspection.

LX2000, an online AXI X-ray inspection system with high-speed CNC cruise automatic measurement, can provide bubble detection, BGA/IC/LED/IGBT/ a variety of CHIP parts detection and so on numerous generic algorithms.

Unicomp Electronics Industry X-ray Manufacturing Workshop:

To know more information about Unicomp X-Ray system for electronics assembly industry, please feel free to contact us by email: or visit our website:, and you are always welcome to visit Unicomp factory for face to face discussion or bring your PCBA with BGA mounted for onsite X-ray testing evaluation. Thank you!


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