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Thanks Meide Group for Choosing Unicomp NDT Equipment

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A few days ago,Unicomp Technology X-ray non-destructive testing equipments successfully passed the acceptance of Meide Group!

Meide Group is the largest manufacturer of fluid system fittings, valves and cast iron for power fittings in China.

The equipment of this acceptance inspection is mainly used to detect the defects such as the internal porosity and shrinkage porosity of products, help the research and development of new products, and improve the product process.

Unicomp technology industrial X-ray nondestructive testing system on the premise of no damage to the product performance and can accurately detect quickly product internal shrinkage cavity, porosity, porosity, slag inclusion, lack fusion, incomplete fusion, cracks and other defects, is to help customers in product research, failure analysis, high reliable screening, an effective method for quality evaluation and improvement process.

Unicomp equipment and technology application areas:NDT X-Ray,Security X-Ray,EMS and Lithium Battery in-line X-Ray.

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