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The System of X-ray Radiography Non-destructive Testing technology

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After more than 100 years of development, X-ray imaging technology has formed a relatively complete X-ray non-destructive testing (NDT) technology system. In order to meet these needs, new detection technologies are constantly innovating, using Xray inline inspection technology. It can not only detect invisible crack or porosity such as aluminum casting , but also qualitatively and quantitatively analyze the detection results to find flaws early.

According to the method of X-ray non-destructive testing of workpieces, X-ray testing can be divided into X-ray non-destructive testing technology and digital radiographic testing technology. X-ray imaging technology has a long history of development, mature technology, and a wide range of applications, laying a solid foundation for the development of other radiographic imaging technologies. The technology mainly includes X-ray real-time imaging technology, X-ray tomography CT imaging detection technology, X-ray micro-CT imaging detection technology, X-ray cone beam CT three-dimensional imaging detection technology, Compton backscatter technology, etc.

X-ray Non-destructive flaw detectors are used in the lithium battery industry.

It can be seen from the internal structure of the battery that the cathode is encapsulated in the anode, and the intermediate separator is mainly used to prevent the anode and the cathode from short-circuiting. If the internal structure of the finished battery can not be detected, it is suitable for non-destructive testing equipment. Detecting whether the cathode and anode are aligned and ensuring the isolation status is the key to the safety of subsequent monitoring data.

The application of x-ray nondestructive testing can be also applied into Electronics assembly SMT EMS industry as well as Semiconductor industry.


BGA X-ray image

The existing detection method is to peel off the layers of thin slices, and then photograph the surface of each layer with an electron microscope. This method will bring great damage to the chip. At this time, X-ray non-destructive testing techniques may be helpful. Electronic equipment X-ray detectors mainly use X-rays to irradiate the inside of the wafer. Due to the strong penetrating power of X-rays, it can penetrate the wafer for imaging, and the fracture of the internal structure can be clearly displayed. The biggest feature of using X-ray inspection chips is that they will not damage the chip itself, so this inspection method is also called non-destructive testing.

The X-ray nondestructive testing technology uses the difference in absorption of the X-RAY material by the object to image the internal structure of the object, and then performs internal defect detection. It is widely used in industrial testing, testing, medical testing, safety testing and other fields.

1. It can be used to detect whether there are cracks and foreign objects in certain metal materials and their parts, electronic parts or light-emitting diode parts.

Internal inspection and analysis of BGA, circuit boards, etc. can be carried out.

3. Inspect and judge defects such as broken wires and virtual welding in BGA welding.

4. Ability to detect and analyze the internal conditions of cables, plastic parts, microelectronic systems, adhesives and sealing parts.

5. Used to detect bubbles and cracks in ceramic castings.

6. Check whether the integrated circuit package has defects, such as peeling, damage, gaps, etc.

7. The application of the printing industry is mainly manifested in the defects, bridges and open circuits in the production of cardboard.

8. SMT is mainly used to detect the gap of solder joints.

9. In the integrated circuit, it mainly detects the disconnection, short circuit or abnormal connection of various connecting wires.

The X-ray nondestructive tester uses low-energy X-rays to quickly detect the inspected items without damaging the inspected items. Therefore, in some industries, X-ray non-destructive testing is also called non-destructive testing. Internal structure quality of electronic components and semiconductor packaging products, SMT soldering quality , etc. X-ray applications can be seen everywhere. With the X-ray nondestructive detector, our life and work will become smoother and more convenient.


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