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Unicomp AX8200L X-ray with 1.5m LED Strip Inspection for Void Check

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LED lamp bead because of energy saving, low carbon environmental protection, no strobe, no radiation, high brightness, low heat advantages are gradually replacing the fluorescent lamp on the market, its application scope is expanding,although LED has many advantages, if the production or operation is not appropriate,there will be LED strip use fault phenomenon. LED lamp strip manufacturers also begin to pay more and more attention to the problem of production quality, then what equipment can be used for LED lamp strip backlight detection? Unicomp Technology here recommended AX8200L LED strip backlight detection equipment.


Compared with the traditional LED strip detection equipment,Unicomp Technology AX8200L strip backlight detection equipment has greater advantages in the following aspects:

1, Improving the detection efficiency: 

① More suitable for large quantities of detection 

② Convenient operation,find defects quickly.

2, The objective table control is convenient: 

① Through the keyboard to adjust the speed of the table: slow, constant speed, fast, keyboard control X, Y, Z1,Z2,four axis movement 

② Large navigation window,high definition navigation image,the mouse click can be moved to the table to the indicated position.

3,The large detection area: 

① It can be effectively detected in the range 1300mm*700mm of the table

②Large detection space,can accommodate a variety of large size of the sample,the table can load 10KG of goods.

4,High detection accuracy: 

①It can detect defects less than 2.5 microns, high detection repeat accuracy 

②It can accurately measure the interlayer migration of IC substrate inner layer graphics, mechanical through hole on the inner layer graphics deflection broken plate, through hole copper integrity, BGA/LGA welding quality inspection function.

Unicomp Technology AX8200L lamp strip backlight detection equipment adopts more comprehensive function of X-ray image analysis software, including image contrast enhancement and filtering function, measurement function, CNC macro instruction CNC programming function, etc.The LED lamp strip can be automatically judged when the welding is bad, and the NG picture is preset.The radian and length of the gold line can be measured and identified by the software.By presetting NG picture, the bubble size and void proportion can be automatically compared and identified by software.The detection is more accurate and faster.



In the detection of LED strip,Unicomp Technology AX8200L strip backlight detection equipment is a very common equipment,the use of good effect,has won a lot of people's recognition and favor.


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