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Unicomp Dedicated to the Foundry Industry to provide a full range of X-ray Nondestructive Testing Solutions

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The 12th (2021) Ningbo foundry, forging and Die Casting Industry Exhibition was held in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center from 22th to 24th , April. This exhibition covers casting equipment, forging equipment, die casting equipment, casting, forging, die casting robot, automatic control system, raw and auxiliary materials, heat treatment technology and equipment, surface treatment technology and equipment, non-destructive testing, analysis equipment, after processing equipment, exquisite castings, die castings, forgings, etc total 12 categories.

Unicomp showcased UNC160 X-ray industrial nondestructive testing equipment at the exhibition, which attracted many customers and professionals to visit, learn and exchange. UNC160 is mainly suitable for off-line detection of small and medium-sized workpieces, highly covers the detection requirements of all kinds of small and medium-sized workpieces. It is a set of standard detection system with high cost performance and high applicability. The system is equipped with a multi-dimensional C-arm five-dimensional detection mechanism, to realize multi-angle and multi-azimuth internal defect detection of the workpiece.

The UNC series X-ray real-time imaging detection system adopts modular design. The working voltage of the X-ray tube is from 160kV to 450kV, the imaging device and detection range are from multiple configurations. The detection system can be quickly upgraded and expanded according to different detection requirements. UNC series X-ray real-time imaging testing system can be used for nondestructive testing of all kinds of metal castings, welding parts, hardware products, plastic products, rubber products, refractory materials, resin materials, composite materials and ceramic bodies and other small and medium-sized products. It is suitable for military industry, aviation, aerospace, equipment manufacturing, electronics, automobile, high-speed railway and other industries.

The radiation protection capability of the X-Ray nondestructive testing equipment of Unicomp Technology meets the latest radiation safety protection standards at domestic and abroad, the radiation safety and reliability are high. It can be installed in any place of the production workshop, testing room and laboratory.

Ningbo has developed industrial manufacturing industry, gathering casting, die casting, mold, automobile and motorcycle industries, and has two titles of "China Die Casting Industry Base" and "China Die Casting Mold Manufacturing Base". Unicomp is willing to continue to explore and innovate, strive for perfection, and make contributions to the development of X-ray intelligent testing equipment in foundry industry.

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