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Unicomp Radiography X-ray NDT flaws detection Solutions for EV Battery Die Casting Housing

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In the next few decades, electric vehicles (EV) will be the development trend in global automobile market. The power battery system (lithium battery pack) is the core energy source that provides driving power for new energy vehicles, The power battery system is mainly composed of lithium battery pack, electrical systems, thermal management systems, aluminum casting housing, BMS and other components. As the carrier of the battery module, the power battery system housing plays en essential role in the stable operation and safety protection of the battery module. It is particularly important to ensure strength, rigidity and crash safety. Lithium Battery housings casting  is absolutely the critical part of electric vehicles.

The application of aluminum alloy materials has become the main way to reduce the weight of automobiles. A luminum casting lithium battery housing has been applied in mass production and has become the mainstream technical route of power battery system housing. While during the casting process of the battery housing, defects like air hole, cracks, porosity and impurities are likely to occur, thus causing high risk for safety protection.  


The DR Radiography X-ray system from Unicomp Technology provide fully automated inspection solutions for aluminum die casting of lithium battery housing,it equips with robot for auto loading and unload the parts and realize automatic inspection and defected parts will be automatically sorted by the software. Looking forward to your enquiry by sending email to or check more details at for more details.


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