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Unicomp Technology 3D CT X-Ray machine shone during Productronica China 2024

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Focus on forward-looking technology and cutting-edge products in the electronics manufacturing industry,Unicomp Technology brought several X-ray machines including BGA X-ray, 3DCT AXI, SMD Chip Counter X-ray and Microfocus X-ray Source to attend the Productronica China 2024 that for the Electronics Production Equipment Exhibition which held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 20-22, 2024.


Unicomp Technology always adhered to market concerns, the show's high-end CT X-Ray inspection machine and UNMS microfocus X-ray source high-profile series, for rendering a full range of electronics manufacturing industry chain innovation inspection solution and applied in many industries like EMS, Lithium Battery, Semiconductor, Automotive Parts, Connectors, LEDs, cables and Harness.

Focus on "high-end Precision inspection"



For Unicomp technology industrial CT equipment,to ensure the quality of customers' products,customers can freely choose 2D, 2.5D, 3D/CT and other inspection modes, using 360° circular CT imaging, high-speed flying and other advanced technologies, before the product off the line to achieve 100% full detection and automatic sorting of unqualified products, through the connection with the customer's MES system, the detection data real-time feedback to the previous process.

Unicomp Technology X-Ray machines can be used in semiconductor, IGBT, SMT, DIP, electronic components and other testing fields.


Industry innovation breakthrough

Unicomp Technology is the company that developed the first closed hot cathode micro-focus X-ray source in China, and the key technologies and materials are 100% domestic. Products break through a number of core key technical problems, the minimum focus size < 5μm, with high stability and long life characteristics.


At present, Unicomp Technology has completed the mass production of 90kV, 110kV, 120kV, 130kV, 150kV and other serialized closed hot cathode micro-focus X-ray sources.



In addition to demonstrating the innovation achievements of core technologies and intelligent detection, Unicomp Technology in-depth shared key topics such as 3D/CT technology, micro-focus X-ray sources, AI intelligent inspection, and innovated to create diversified exchange opportunities, and there was no empty seat on the scene.


Thanks for all guests to visit Unicomp Technology booth during Productronica China 2024,you can also visit to check more X-ray knowledges or send email to for more technical discussion.

As IPC Apex Show is approaching in USA, Unicomp Technology will be at booth #2448 and have 3 X-ray machines for onsite demonstration, looking forward to meet you all.


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