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Unicomp X-ray equipment are deployed in most semiconductor companies

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It has been 7 years since Unicomp Technology undertook the national "02" special project in 2013 to apply The X-ray non-destructive testing technology in the field of semiconductor packaging test.("02" special project is the project of Maximum Scale Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Technology and Complete Process)

Successful Cases

So far, QFN, BGA, CSP, SIP, IGBT, Lead frame and other encapsulated applications have successfully provided a full range of X-ray intelligent detection solutions for hundreds of semiconductor customers.

Some of Unicomp domestic customers

Among them, including Fujitus Microelectronics, Huada Microelectronics, Shilan Microelectronics, Star Semiconductor, Hongwei Microtechnology,14 Institute of CLP Electronics Group, Zhenhua Yunke Electronics, Huatian Technology, Lixun Electronics and other well-known domestic microelectronics industry customers.

At the same time,Unicomp Technology also actively explore overseas markets, Unicomp X-Ray has been exported to the Philippines, Malaysia and other semiconductor packaging production base.

With an experienced and skilled R&D and management team,Unicomp Technology has independently developed the core X-ray technology and continuously innovated and developed, successfully breaking through the 3D tomography and CT imaging technology.

AX9300-CT Inspection Machine

Unicomp X-ray detection equipment can automatically detect and analyze the bubble defects inside the chip, and can also realize automatic detection for lead frame chips. There is a mature online detection application scheme for IGBT module.

LX2000-Inline Detection Equipment

In soon future, Unicomp Technology will continue to increase the application research and development investment and technological innovation ability in the field of semiconductor sealed test, constantly expand product advantages, strive for new glory in the field.

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