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Unicomp's New Chip counter X-Ray and AXI CT X-ray Equipment Shinning during Productronica China 2021

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Productronica China 2021 was held as scheduled at Shanghai New International Expo Center last week. As the leading event of Asian electronics manufacturing industry, The customers from all over the country came in an endless stream. Unicomp Technology was presented at booth 5202 in Hall E5, demonstrating its advanced X-ray detection technology in the field of electronics manufacturing, bringing innovative products and integrated solutions to customers.

Unicomp brought a number of innovative products and cutting-edge detection technology to the exhibition this year, which attracted a large number of visitors to stop, and they all brought questions and needs to actively communicate and discuss with on-site technical personnel, which was very lively. Meanwhile, the booth also set up an interesting lottery activities, and the interaction with the visitors.

Unicomp X-Ray testing system is widely used in IC, semiconductor devices, package components, IGBT testing; PCBA solder joint test, LED, lithium battery, electronic connector test; Solar energy, photovoltaic (silicon solder joints) and other testing. It has the advantages of high magnification, multi-function loading platform, automatic measurement and so on. At the same time, it can be customized according to the needs of customers to meet the production line to the greatest extent.

The 4 sets of equipment AX8200MAXLX2000, CX7000L, LX9200 in the exhibition have high quality hardware and powerful map judging software, which can fully meet the testing needs of various electronic manufacturing enterprises. The 3D online X-ray automatic inspection equipment presented in this exhibition -- LX9200 is a kind of online X-ray CT equipment integrating 2D, 2.5D and 3D CT scanning methods, providing more cost-effective intelligent solutions for PCB mounting and semiconductor industry customers.

New X-ray Chip Counter CX7000L, is an electronic component counter, electronic parts counter. Component counting using Unicomp X-Ray technology can take only seconds for an entire reel. Increase productivity with the most accurate, fast, and easy to use component counter available. The CX7000l count accuracy is >99% for all supported component types.

The exhibition has been a complete success, as Unicomp has fully displayed the cutting-edge and innovative wisdom of the industry to the audience.

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