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Unicomp will showcase latest X-ray and 3D CT AXI during Productronica China 2021

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The Productronica China will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 17-19, 2021.

The exhibition will bring domestic and foreign electronics manufacturing equipment manufacturers. The scope of exhibits covers the entire electronics manufacturing industry chain, including SMT surface mount technology, wire harness processing and connector manufacturing, system-level packaging, electronic manufacturing automation, industrial robots, motion control, dispensing Glue, welding, electronic and chemical materials, EMS electronic manufacturing services, test and measurement, PCB manufacturing, electromagnetic compatibility, component manufacturing (winding machine, stamping, filling, coating, sorting, marking, etc.) and assembly tools, etc. .

Unicomp Technology, as the leader of X-Ray intelligent inspection equipment, will undoubtedly attend the exhibition, here cordially invite you to visit Unicomp booth at  E5-5202 for X-Ray technology discussion!

Productronica covers the entire electronic manufacturing industry chain. Unicomp Technology is committed to providing perfect X-Ray intelligent detection solutions for the electronic manufacturing industry. Unicomp will exhibit 4 sets of electronics / semicon X-ray detection systems. Two of them are new products (New Generation X-Ray Components Counter and CT X-Ray Machine) we have just developed, so stay tuned.

LX2000 is an inline X-ray detection system, which can reduce manual intervention on the production line, automatically judge and sort defective products, and improve the detection efficiency to the greatest extent. It’s widely used in SMT, BGA, CSP, flip chip, led detection, etc.

AX8200MAX is equipped with a 90kV, 5μm X-ray source and a million-level high-resolution FPD detector(130mm*130mm). With magnification up to 600X, high resolution real-time imaging,realize unilateral rotation tilt detection of 60 degrees without loss of magnification ratio, automatic measurement of solder joint defects, bubble ratio, multi-functional DXI influence system, programmable detection and equipped with a 24-inch touch screen LCD. 

 The Two new models will be the first time to public. And welcome to stop by our booth to have more deep discussion.


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