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What kind of products can be tested by X-Ray?What are the X-Ray features?

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X-RAY detection equipment is currently the market mainstream products of nondestructive testing equipment, compared with traditional visual inspection and AOI visual inspection,it has the characteristics of more transparent, more in-depth, it not only can detect the defects which inside of the product,but also can save the defect images, consistent product for numerous but product type, by calling the CNC program to complete the whole array detection.As shown in the picture below, after each product is arranged according to the matrix,a picture is taken of each node through CNC horizontal or longitudinal scanning,which can greatly shorten the detection time and is of great significance for off-line detection of large quantities.

In many cases, the offline X-Ray detection equipment has a higher cost performance compared with the online X-Ray detection. At present, the AX8200 device is mainly promoted by UNICOMP, which can meet the requirements of most customers. Both CNC automatic detection and price are a highlight.

Back to the subject, what products can the X-ray inspection equipment detect?

In the field of detection of electronic components, such as IC chips, LED, BGA welding, semiconductor, IGBT, LCD panels, PCB circuit boards, ceramics and other products, but not all products can be detected, such as heavy metals with high density or especially too thick products, generally over 3mm of metal parts,Ordinary X-rays are relatively difficult to penetrate, so high voltage X-ray source is used. At present, the ray source voltage of Unicomp Technology is generally concentrated in 90 KV to 450 KV.

To sum up, A=M*N(A is a specific number, M is the density, and N is the thickness). In short,under the premise that A remains unchanged, whether the penetration detection can be achieved depends on the values of M and N. The higher the density of M is, the thickness of N will decrease; otherwise, the smaller the density of M, the detectable thickness can be amplified.

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