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One-piece EV rear frame Casting NDT X-ray Machine customized by Unicomp successfully passed the FAT

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Recently, one of customized NDT X-ray inspection system produced by Unicomp Technology for lightweight automobile one-piece EV rear frame aluminum casting parts was successfully passed the FAT pre-acceptance by end customer, will be installed and commissioned in a world famous Foundry for automotive aluminum die-casting parts quality control.


Along with the rapid growth of Electric vehicle (EV) sales, as we all know, the range of new energy vehicles is very important, automotive light weighting has become the current trend, vehicle’s weight reduction means to reduce power consumption, in general, if the weight reduced 10%, fuel efficiency can be increased by 6% - 8%, auto weight each reduce 100 kg, 100 km fuel consumption can be reduced by 0.7%; For electric vehicles, the total range increases by 10 km for every 100 kg reduction in vehicle weight. Structure, process and material are the three main technical directions of automotive lightweight, among which material is the most important development direction, and aluminum alloy is the most cost-effective and fastest permeable.


So how to guarantee the quality of automobile lightweight casting parts and reliability become the focus of attention, it not only affects the safety of vehicles, can also affect the stability of the vehicle, handling and comfort. From the point of production process, mainly for the casting, the deformation of two categories, as the integration of die casting with good formability and cost saving, also become the direction of the market at present the main exploration. Aluminum alloy casting parts in the traditional fuel car is mainly used in the engine, wheels, transmission system; In new energy vehicles, aluminum alloy consumption is higher, in addition to the three-electric system, chassis, body is also more widely used, but no matter what kind of casting process, due to a variety of environmental factors in the manufacturing process will make castings more or less there are certain defects, the common defects of castings are porosity, porosity, slag, etc. Therefore, it is very necessary to conduct X-ray nondestructive testing to ensure the quality of castings in the manufacturing process of integrated body castings. Unicomp X-ray flaw detection equipment adopts industrial real-time imaging system, which uses X-ray tube with different power to penetrate aluminum alloy castings with different thickness. After detection, casting defects such as shrinkage and pinhole can be clearly observed by X-ray image.


Unicomp has more than 20 years of experience in the field of R&D and production of X-ray nondestructive testing equipment, and has become one of the world's top Manufacturers of X-ray testing equipment. Unicomp's NDT X-ray testing equipment manufacturing factory is located in Chongqing, China, with an industrial park of 10,000 square meters and its own machinery and software development team. In addition, Unicomp also provides Cabinet design and manufacturing services to save costs and provide a full range of 24-hour online after-sales service. Unicomp's NDT X-ray optical equipment is widely used in industrial nondestructive testing, such as automotive casting parts. Aerospace parts, welded pipes and other fields, equipment sold to more than 60 countries and regions, in the X-ray field is developing better and better.



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