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VietFood HCM 2023 - Sparking Opportunities in Food Industry with X-ray Technologies

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As the pace of globalization has been accelerated,food safety has become an important issue of concern to all over the world. As a leading enterprise in the field of domestic X-ray inspection for many years, Unicomp Technology upholds responsibility and innovation, multi-dimensional and multi-channel efforts, and continue to promote the layout of X-ray intelligent testing equipment for overseas market, committed to providing global customers with the safety of food foreign matters detection, which can also help Chinese intelligent inspection to go global.

On August 10-12, 2023, the 27th International Food and Beverage Exhibition in Vietnam was held in SECC, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam,Unicomp technology took part in the exhibition and displayed one food X-ray detection equipment UNX4015N, which attracted much attention, all brochures were sent out and Unicomp has gained a lot of potential and prospective customers. Some customers took their own samples to the booth to test by the machine,all reverted good feedback.

In the process of developing overseas markets, Unicomp Technology deeply feels the pain spots and challenges of customers in the food industry, and strives to provide enterprises with integrated solutions for the detection of food foreign matter defects to achieve efficient production capacity.

During the exhibition, Unicomp Technology demonstrated lots of innovative technologies, including food foreign matter tracing system, AI deep learning algorithm. These technologies are designed to help enterprises more conveniently and accurately manage and control food production, can quickly and accurately detect food foreign matters, packaging defects, etc., and provide real-time accurate data analysis to ensure that every product is strictly tested.

UNX1830D is mainly used to detect foreign bodies such as metal, glass, plastic, and impurities in bottled (canned) food (beverage). 

Unicomp Technology has long been committed to introducing high-quality products to the world, and serving countries along the "Belt and Road" is also an important direction for the development of Unicomp Technology's global layout.

Take root in China and look to the world. Today, Unicomp Technology has become a leader in the field of domestic X-ray testing, products extend to various fields, and the globalization strategy has become an important goal.

In the future, Unicomp Technology will continue to deeply cultivate overseas markets and provide customers with smarter and more efficient food foreign body defect detection solutions.

To know more information about Unicomp food X-Ray system, please feel free to contact us by email: or visit our website:, and you are always welcome to visit Unicomp factory for face to face discussion or bring food samples mounted for onsite X-ray testing evaluation. Thank you!


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