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The refinement of PCBA electronic components boosts the development of X-ray testing technologies

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Today's smart wearable and automotive electronic products are increasingly developing towards small, light, thin, short, and multi-functional Friendly mobile phone assembly and manufacturing new materials, what challenges will PCBA circuit board assembly technology and circuit board testing and testing technology face, and which aspects will it develop towards, ICT testing, flying probe tester, AOI testing, X-Ray inspection, 3D-CT inspection, etc., has become one of the important hot topics discussed in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Electronic chip-type components have reached the size of 0.3 × 0.15 mm, and the requirements for detection accuracy are getting higher and higher. The speed and quality of traditional manual visual inspection products can no longer meet the requirements of industrialization. SMT PCBA and DIP plug-in soldering OEMs can improve their processes, increase their profitability and earn more profits by investing in advanced equipment. With the accelerated development of electronic components in PCBA electronic manufacturing towards refinement, miniaturization and complexity, higher inspection requirements are put forward for PCBA circuit board welding manufacturers - even if there is a slight error, it may bring irreversible damage to the product. fatal injury. Therefore, in order to reduce product welding defects and ensure the yield rate, many electronic manufacturing enterprises are actively looking for industrial inspection solutions centered on testing and measurement technology to provide strong support for their products. In such an environment, a variety of automated inspection equipment has appeared one after another, such as ICT online tester, FCT functional tester, AOI automatic optical tester, AXI (Auto X-ray Inspection AXI is the use of CT-type X-ray inspection), aging test, fatigue test, harsh environment test, etc.

How to inspect those soldering joints on the device that cannot be seen with the naked eye? X-ray inspection is the right answer.

The use of X-ray as a process control method removes the risk that components with "hidden junctions" are misplaced, resulting in unrepairable or costly repairs. Rework of misplaced components is not only time-consuming, but can also cause other problems on the assembly, such as problems with surrounding components or the PCB due to localized heating.

The application of X-ray inspection technology with internal perspective function for non-destructive testing is the best among them. It can not only inspect invisible solder joints, such as BGA, CSP and other packaged components. Qualitative and quantitative analysis can also be performed on the test results, especially the first piece, so as to find the problem early. The first article inspection is mainly to find out the factors affecting product quality in the production process as soon as possible, and prevent the products from being out of tolerance, repaired, and scrapped in batches. The method is an effective and indispensable method for enterprises to ensure product quality and improve economic benefits. Through the first article inspection, systematic reasons such as BGA Soldering quality, measuring instrument accuracy, drawings, etc. can be found, so that corrective or improvement measures can be taken to prevent batch non-conforming products from occurring.

The growth of X-ray inspection machines is largely driven by a steady trend towards the widespread use of smaller components for densely populated finished printed circuit boards (PCBAs) in electronics. These increases have a dual driving force. First, the smaller finished PCB makes it difficult to inspect it for defects by naked eye inspection; second, new designs now typically use hidden soldering, such as Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) and Land Grid Array (LGA)

X-ray inspection machines used in the electronics industry have become an increasingly important part of the production process. With the ability to detect contaminants, defects and other non-conformities in products, X-ray inspection machines are increasingly seen as an important screening tool for risk management and quality control.

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